Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


went to mokihini on the west coast north of westport on xmas day they have a 10 day fishing conp there that we go in every year start boxing day went over to gentle annie and fished morning for a few hrs got one bite went to westport races then back out fishing in evening got one bite nothing landed sea was discoloured and pretty rough one big dumper hit the line and lost our line buryed in the stones 2 other times..strorm came that night and at 7.30 told to get ready to evacated the motor camp river raising 1mts every 10 mins.. all clear at 9.00am so stayed. river went though the seddonville pub up to the height of the pool table lost every thing that was our weigh in place. sea was suffed dirty rough so after a couple of day no fishing we came home last thursday… so will be takeing my caravan out to balyes on monday afernoon and doing a fish there on monday night and tuesday morning then home… will have a red hilux down beach if any one is pasing stop a have a chat .. also will have wife have to take her as she is very lucky at getting fish so need her to get ME a feed of fish lol