Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


There are always exceptions , and with fishing ya just never know …..

Ive said before , the 2 most incredibly full on fishing days Ive had were middle of the day …but 75% of the time Id expect to catch sweet bugger all ….. user friendly as I like to call it …..and yes , any fishing is better than no fishing ……
I can think of 1 night in the last 10yrs where I struggled to take home a feed ….mainly cause we had to wait 2 hrs for roughly 1/4 million shags to fly back to the peninsula ……never seen anything like it ….couldnt fish till not far off dark , and had kids with us so squeezed barely an hours fishing in..

If you want to increase the %’s you fish moring or evening ….

There’s a reason why I can go to the likes of Amberly in the late evening and catch rig ….yet 9am-3pm the biggest fish caught between 300 fisherman is a 5lb school shark….

Clean water during the day , most days you will be feeding the crabs , might catch a kahawai or carpet shark if lucky …

I would go out where you mention searunner, at say 6pm , and fish in the back of the breaking wave with small hooks and slivers of salted pilchards to catch some mullet …then about 8pm Id start using bigger hooks a little further out with strips of fresh mullet …..steel trace would be a good idea ……and set your drag light
Think about buying a spare spool for your reel , so you can switch to 6kg when the conditions require , otherwise the spool with braid should be fine the rest of the time