Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Daytime aint a no go zone and can be quite productive..Fish whenever you feel the urge or have the time,we cant all be fish commandos,I buy my bait from new world,no lawns its all gravel,and could never get the hang of golf..Families play a big part in when a person can go fishing..and I see many who make a dash from the city whenever they the end of the day its great to be out near the sea..Fishing is fickle at times and if sometimes I had listened to so called gurus or experts I would have never have landed some great fish..I remember a year many moons ago in the 90 mile beach contest when a newbie won $60,000..for the biggest snapper..early warehouse gear,had trouble casting,didnt know what a drag was..caught it in the lunchtime when most were having a cuppa..That is one of the great things about fishing..even if your no good..your in with a chance…. :grin: