Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Years ago I had a bright idea , use 2 fishing kites at once to tow a setnet off baileys …..the net was a 60mtr moki net from memory ….
The month was september , god knows what we were thinking lmao ……..I have no idea how we managed to pull it back in thru the surf …..I think every mesh had a dogfish in it …nearly all dead I must add
The pile we built made the one above look small ….it was like a dumptruck had tipped its entire load on the beach …..

Good job too , stinking things ….but no doubt in 40 years when my kids take their grand kids out , they will talk of catching an elephant fish caught when they were kids …..and take home their 3 doggies and think it’s been a sucessful day out fishing