Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Im not 100% sure on the exact figures , but my mate had scales with him and I do recall 3 * 13 lbers , 1 at 21 lb , 1 at 23lb and the other was possible 16lb ?…3 of the cows pregnant , the 21lber released …..
He went with a mate of his , so good for them releasing one …..I only take 2 fish as a rule …often only 1 , and drop back to ultralight line for sport if conditions allow …..catch and release

Did the quad bikes he mentioned come past you ? they were in my spot …he was a 1/2 miles further east of my spot ……You need permission to access it thru farmland ….I have perm from both , my mate doesnt ….my spot involves only 3 gates and park right on the beach , my mates going thru 4 gates and is not quite as close

Im lazy lmao …..

I know the water there is a lot more productive , its way deeper but other than that maybe something to do with the food chain and seepage from the lake …….

Fresh crabs , no legs , no shell ….cut in half folded over on itself and bound onto the hook …..deadly on the ele’s and rig …….you had all the bait except the bait the buggers were feeding on ….. just like crab gets way way outfished by cray off the kaikoura beaches