Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Fished Coopers lagoon beach from about 7.30pm, got anice eley on the first cast, then got the biggest ,cleanest red cod Ive ever seen ohh and asmall seagull,whoops,set him free,

Wind was huge,sea flat,out going tide, lots of dolphins and some really big bird work ups out a fairway, small gulls working the breaking surf too, lots of other bites i think, but hard to say the wind was blowing so hard. other fishers there,didnt notice anything they got,most left just on dusk.

me and a cobber fished till 11pm.

Looks like everyone is reporting quite alot of activity,its very encourageing.

p.s, wheres the blue gums metiond above?

Cheers, Hipp