Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Yeah we have rubbish problem here..The stuff I find is incredible!
I grew up tying flies on what we found in a trouts stomach..and when my health was better chasing snaps,kingis,tuna and whatever from white island to the far north..I was always poking around fishguts for the edge..or anything of of my fav winter snap spots produced some fine male Snapper..on gutting them I found a bunch of baby snapper an inch and a half long inside them..everybody knows the last bait you ever use is snapper for I consulted a lady down Wellington throught marine research at Leigh..she told me that during the winter male snapper of a certain size…wandered around in packs and self regulated the previous years there would be just the right amount of fish for the area..just like a natural quota..
Neighbour popped intoday to say the kahawai were running along the beach..i promptly quaded down and was constantly bead blasted with extreme heat and high speed grit..god knows what the gust speed was and the fact that I could’nt take my hands off the handle bars for fear of being blown like a sandpapered tumbleweed into the briny …I left with both eyes clenched (a little slit in one to see where to point the bike)I did glimpse fish working and birds having a workup..will pop down when the wind subsides..first time in two years the kahawai have come..maybe this season will be good..more report..later..think I might gear up for a bit of moki this year..few years ago I did really their fight ability off the beach…