Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Went out to wakanui at 3am this morning. Got there and it was a cold southerly wind with light rain and the fog was so thick I was lucky to see 10 meters ahead of me with the headlamp on. Hard to judge the conditions but I fished one rod for an hour with crab baits with no luck so packed up.

Headed back out at 5.30am conditions looked perfect when I got there. First rod in the water with crab baits and almost instantly getting small bites before one decent run but no hook-up. I suspected small rig but could have been elephant fish. Over the next few hours I hooked 5 elephant fish and had various other hits and small runs but only landed 3 the others I managed to lose in the breakers. They all seemed to be rather small which is probably why they weren’t hooking up on a 5/0 hook although the last one I thought was big enough to keep. No sign of rig all morning but finally hooked a small one at 10am, nothing happened after that so packed up by 11.

First of the two small ele’s I released

Third one