Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Been fishing 2 rods lately one with crab other with fish baits. If the rig and eles are on bite you’ll find you don’t need to have two rods out with crab or you’ll be hooking up on both or not having time to keep the both baited up. I know people like PierMaster fish 3 or 4 rods at a time all with crab baits and have good success though.

As for seven gillers I’ve released all of the ones I’ve had apart from the first one I ever caught. First one was filleted and I didn’t think it was that bad eating although it was a smaller one around 4 or 5 foot apparently the bigger they get the worse they are to eat. I don’t really see the point in eating things like seven gillers especially since they’re decreasing in numbers and it’s not that hard to go out and catch something a bit more plentiful to eat.

Swell conditions looking great for the weekend and looks like it’s gonna be a nice day tomorrow.