Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Normally fish two or three rods at a time. Trailed 4 rods but a bit to much work. Two Sevengillers on at once it heaps of fun, luckily they rest up after their initial run.

Forecast was for little wind last night, although rain. So went down to the saltworks hoping to catch a few paddle crabs and go for a surfcast. Got to Salty to find weed everywhere and 1m breakers crashing in. Tried the crab pot for 5 minutes but it got filled with crap so changed spot. Went 5 minutes down the beach to Blind River, arrived at 8pm and saw a couple of other guys getting ready for a fish. The conditions were much nicer at Blind river, half meter surf and no weed. Surpising how much conditions can change only a few km up the beach.

Casted two rods out, one with cooked prawn the other with cockle. Rain got heavier. Stopped fishing after landing a red cod around 10:00pm. The other guys hooked two and landed one large Rig using crayfish for bait. Prawns are definitely the poor substitute for Paddle crab and even Cray.