Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


it worked today with no doggies or cod(I was hedging my bets)common sense for me if they are getting eles on squid all along the beach..incidently the chaps fishing to one side of me only got one ele in the time I landed 5(I released 3)between them..ahh but thats fishing!!..I was using a double rig and sometimes no squid …the schoolie took a double prawn bait..could have been just like the bloke catching all the fish outa one side of the boat..his mate didnt even get a bite..or was it the smell on his hands or the way he off to new world tomorrow with prawns is much funnier when you tell the girl behind the counter your using them as bait!WHAT she said..what a waste!!Freshly fried fillets tonight for tea proves her very wrong..

OH SHIT now Beamer youll me asking me all the time now!!..good score mate!now what were you using for bait…carrots???