Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Went up to Kaikoura on thursday night. Andrew(PierMaster) was already at the wharf so went there first and put the sabiki trace down with no bait and caught three small kahawai at once. Packed up and went over to the beach and fished for a few hours. Lots of carpet sharks around and a few dogfish but I got a seven giller later on that was pretty much a dead weight, got it to the beach before someone decided to grab the shockleader instead of the tail and it snapped leaving it to swim off with my good trace in it’s mouth. Fished at the beach again the next morning, caught carpet sharks, red cod and kahawai between us. Big schools of kahawai but they were all really small ones got about 20 between the three of us on lures, we were hooking up literally a couple meters out. Went for a look over at the wharf again and saw some big schools of mullet and kahawai going past. Only managed one kahawai on the lure though. Went back to the beach again after that but not much happening being the middle of the day with no swell and clear as water although saw a good sized stingray cruising a couple meters out. Andrew caught a frostfish out of the breakers by hand that was sick as but still alive so took it for bait. Swell picked up a lot later on so went back to the wharf got a few barracouta saw some small schools of squid and a few piper swimming around. Earlier in the day we also saw a pretty big squid swimming around that was totally different to the normal ones I’ve seen there before.