Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Went to Wakanui last night as planed, N/E on arrival swung to N/W just around the change of light and we hooked into some nice Elephants we landed 3 large females and one meduim size male, the females had eggs. All of them were caught on the in comeing tide and were at the top of our casts. We were useing cooked prawns for bait, squid was used by one of us with no hook ups. We emptied out loads of old bait after we finished fishing so she,ll be well burlyd up this morning,for someone else, I was annoyed to see loads of old fire work rubbish on the beach which we cleaned up. Great night had by all, finished up about 10.30pm just after the full tide,it got a bit tricky casting in the dark on the tide so decided to pull the pin. I did take aphoto, Ill have to try and figure how to upload it to the site.