Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


ahhh thats the trouble with spending 30 years chasing snapper and kingfish around the north.,.everybody has given me diff information on the fish species here..ok then theres “greyboys””Rig””tope”??..have landed a few 7 gillers..and over 70 moki here one season..but dont know the ID for all the shark that was a “schoolie” do I tell a “rig”..cheers..and anybody whos passing drop in for a cuppa at the art gallery at Birdlings if ya going past..On the 19th of this month 5 of us from Birdlings are off for 7 days at Mokihanui(gentle annies)snap and kahawai chasing..great to have a holiday from

so I wonder which shark this was the other day??