Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Just gotten back from a snapper fish, caught a single Snapper shortly after 8pm. Good strong fight, first glance thought he was a 12-14lber but weighed him anyway. Scaled showed a good 21lb so a new personal best. Maybe half hour later had another powerful fish on, it did a initial powerful run and looked like it was going to spool me (So I tighten drag) and was gaining line. Did not feel like a Ray and only felt 4 shacks towards the end. Did several small runs throughout the fight. Unfortunately the fish won and snapped the line before I could see it.

Conditions were very nice, got there around 7:30pm and put up with spotties and the sea breeze for a while before the wind died down and the spotties went to bed. Tide was low when I got there and was incoming. Stopped fishing at 9:30pm. Only a few quick strikes after dark but nothing hooked.