Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Lazed on the beach for a few hours yesterday afternoon , such a lovely day …… goes without saying as to what was caught …

A few weekends ago we went over the Eastern tip of Banks Peninsula …..bite time produced a feed for the 3 of us ….blue cod …later in the day , just on and after the top of the tide , they came back on the bite …. the boys were keen to leave before that , but suddenly wanted to stay and rape the ocean lol …I’d packed up , was quite happy with my 3 lb bluey as Im the only in the family that eats it …and kept 2 smaller ones for the farmer …
The boys tooks half a dozen or so each , along with a few maori chiefs and a good size sea perch …. bonus was tho , the farmer gave us all a feed of homemade sausages to take home …beef basil and tomatoe …. sea_hunter and dazza didnt deserve them , geedy buggers lol