Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Fishing is not going to get any better until spring… So I decided to make the mos of the nice warm day and go for a fish :dude:

I climbed over to Monkey Bay, I initially wanted to climb over to the ledge on the far side… but the low path was a bit dangerous looking due to the swell breaking. So decided to climb the cliff instead, this is easy when doing it empty handed… it is significantly less easy when carrying two rods and a loaded pack. Got to the top and the climb down did not look fun, so decided there is nothing in my pack which could break so I threw it off the cliff “Smash” (4 things broke including the pack).. Carefully climbed down into the next little bay. I was less confident now and reluctant to climb over the next lot of rocks to the ledge (Easy climb when one is not carrying rods). I chickened out, the return climb in the dark was not worth the risk. So I took the low path back to monkey bay rock ledge.

Fished Monkey Bay ledge for a couple of hours targeting Moki but had no luck. Got a messy pack to clean .