Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Just back from Jacksons Bay on the the southern west coast,
Not much to report sadly, i had two days of fishing from the warf in the bay lots of red cod made up of both very young and mature fish, I also caught a conger, and my friends got a few large wras type fish, other folks there also caught congers and a couple of other guys were into doggies,low on bait they were useing doggies for bait and thats all they caught was more doggies,no suprises there lol.
I was very dissapointed with the quality of fish, though there were roumours of a snapper caught the week before, the guy at the motel in Haast said, they always catch at least one a year,, just enough to keep us interested i guess lol.
Speaking to an ex local from down there the week prior, said there was mainly Teraki down there and other locals saying under the lights at night in the summer produced good numbers of bait type fish.
It rained most of the time and the water was quite dirty from the nearby river mouth as the area had heavy flooding at the time.
We had checked out Bruce Bay on the way down and we intended to have afish on the way home but tide conditions werent the best, two hours before and after high tide as sugested to me prior to going by one of the fourm members(thank you) rings true as the is alot of debri on the beach for high tide fishing and the inability to cast into the right water at low tide being the reasoning.We spent some time there haveing afossik amounts the debri and sadly found a six point stag and lots of dead possoums amoungest the debri from the river, I suspect the 1080,s handy work.
Good news though, it does look like agreat place to fish and there is abach there owned by the Hokitika fishing club and it is available for rent, if anyones interested i have the phone number for it. It is basic but perfectly posisioned on the beach front and only 15ish kms away from the Poringa river area for trout fishing, hunting and the salmon farm there, loads of big trout there to view outside the netted area.(display only)
As for Jacksons bay, well its along way to drive, but it is a really nice area to spend some time, lots of rocky out crops there to investigate and if you have aboat its not far out to where it drops off and judgeing by the Ling and Bluenose bits on the beach and the storys from locals of gurnard,blue cod and Grouper, it sounds like the fishing is really good.
We also spent abit of time fossicing for the ever elusive greenstone and other interesting things as the area is one of the best to find it, or as they say ..for it to find you,So i guess it wasnt ment to be this time:)
As for the hunting, well not so good till we got back to Ross were between us we managed acouple of young tasy goats, lots of Deer sign about,they to eluded ust this time.
Good to see one or two of you have been out, tight lines to you all, keep warm,
Cheers, Hipp