Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Been away for a couple of night fishing. Headed down the Kenepuru Friday night, intending to find somewhere to camp and spend the night… Spot after spot went past as I continued my search… Wanted to try somewhere new but did not have time to find a new point and did not feel like launching my Kayak. Should of stayed near portage, but eventually found a spot on the north side of Kenepuru heads, about 100m walk down the beach I found a ‘stone wharf’, the spot looked shallow but a bit of structure so I gave it a fish… Clouds threaten to rain.

About 8pm, I decided to drive to Titirangi and try there instead, was a slow drive in fog. Got there around 9pm and walked out to the rocky point. Tide was high by that stage but a ledge was still above water. First fished was a large conger followed by a small carpet. Four more strikes, and two bust offs followed before I went to bed at 11:30pm. Next day started with fine weather, I sleep in and got to the point after first light. The spotties were already on the feed. Back to car and got my Kayak ready. Out to a point and I forgotten my sinkers, straylined a few Cod and KY before couta’s arrival called for a change of tactics. Been told there were good numbers of Butterfish out there so I anchored up and went for a spear. Saw one big fat butter which was to quick and a juvenile… that was all on the Butterfish front.

Was a okay number of Moki around and saw a scattering of turkeys… that was until I saw two larger ones in the shallows, I scared them but a few seconds later they returned with a School 40-50 strong. First time I seen turkeys so was a new experience. The schooling effect was enough to disorinentat my aim so was unable to shot any. Plus even the largest were not overly big. They did not stick around to be shot at a second time. Feeling a bit ill from the dive I climbed back onto the Yak and fished a little, before heading back to the beach. Was then 2pm and I had little to do before nightfall. So decided to pack up and return to the Kenepuru. Got to the Point in te Mahia around 5pm. Conditions were calmed, overcast but cleared. After dark things were dead, even a nibble got my attention. Found a discarded set line tangled in the rocks, complete with trace carrier. Packed up around 10:30pm and headed for home. Took the set-line with me and binned it.