Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Yup milli bet me on landed numbers but I reckon I beat him on weight ;-) and I lost 3 other fish, Two amusing moments, 1 when I hooked up on my first fish the rod was loaded up when the line went sending my tip bells flying backwards into a dead manuka , and the other when I forgot to remove my tip light before casting causing it to perform a manuever not unlike a shooting star. I think Milli found it highly amusing :-)
I’ve been thrashing the QC sound for the last few years and didn’t realise how good the snapper fishery in the Mahau was, also very good numbers of baitfish attracted to the Burley trail. Lots o fishy splashing in the night.
Also as a side note if your doing a bit of rock hopping keep an eye out for second hand or clearance felt soled boots got some on TM and didn’t fall over half as much as last time we went. you can pick them up cheap as thery’re banned for use trout fishing now.