Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011

shark slayer

dont know if i want to give that up…..haha just kidding, you hit the nail on the head milli,it is a sheltered also has no fishing pressure as you need a boat to get to it wich definitely helps, but the main reason is rig love bays,they move into them early in spring and stay in huge numbers right through till the end of may.In this particular spot it is possible to get them all year round, i got one last year mid july although there arent many in the colder months so normally i dont bother.The other benefit is, because they are living there all the time, they come in to feed every night no matter what conditions are like…….the other cool thing is because its a sheltered bay you can go super light, im gonna bring out my stradic 2500 with light braid…..let the fun begin!!