Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


I braved the cold of winter, actually the weather feels spring like. Quite warm actually, been weeks since the last frost.

So decided a August Snapper fish was in order, In the end I decided to a fish my usual spot. I was almost to warm dressed up in my neoprene waders and the fish were feeding the moment I arrived. Sadly, the quality of the fish had quite a bit to be desired. The highlight was a feisty Barracouta, the first I have caught in the inner sounds. Also landed quite a few photos. Started fishing shortly after 4pm.

Just on dark, I retreated to the beach and went looking for flounders. Spotted a small one then a big one which spooked, a while later discovered another good size flounder which I speared, annoyingly It wiggled free which teaches me for not finding my single prong spear. Saw quite a few mullet in the shallows. Must patch the holes in my waders.

In all was a nice winters fishing trip. Bring on Spring and the return of the Snapper.

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Orange Sounds and Mussels by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr