Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011

shark slayer

red cod fishing in canterbury has been shit for a while now,the trawlers have destroyed the population,you can still get a few at birdlings flat etc but not enough to even bother fishing for them,you will catch a million doggys before you get 5 cod.Went on a red cod mission to kaikoura last sunday,arrived after dark at 7.30 pm,fished the beach behind the caves store,caght doggys and a nice conger <a href="“>(sorry about the shit photo’s they were taken on a phone.) i started losing gear to stone bruising and didn’t have many sinker’s so changed spot’s.I went and had a look at the new wharf but decided not to fish as it was quite swelly,it had an awesome vibe with the neon lights and hundreds of sea gull’s were floating just off shore.Then i went to the railway station and fished till about 2.30am with no luck on the cod just doggy’s and a skate <a href="“>
The next day i decided my luck would improve if i moved further up the beach to the sand and where the bottom flatten’s out,i fished the last 2 hours of the incoming and got 6 nice cod in between doggys’ <a href="“>
The next day the condition’s were shit after the southerly blow came through but i fished the incoming and after getting 3 more nice big cod i was happy so i headed back to christchurch.Not to bad for my first surfcast in kaikoura and i have a good supply of red cod fillet’s wich i am having for tea tonight…i don’t care what anyone says it is yum!!