Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Hmm, don’t think it makes bugger all difference in shallow water. flashy bling is probably more effective. At depth It assists heaps. And UV and luminescent are not the same thing….

Mili spends more time fishing than anyone I know Including some commercial guys, and charter captains, he is very knowledgable and passionate about all aspects of his sport!
Most of what he says is based on many many hours spent fishing so what he says is relevant. (He’s a crap fly caster but :wink: )
I respect the fact that fishy bishy has been involved with the industy for years but listen to mili, fishy, he probably spends more of his hard earned on tackle than us married blokes can get away with. If you have new products let him test them at least you’ll get an honest and experience based answer.

But get your axes out and have a grind if it makes ya feel better