Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


[quote:268tba5g]Glow beads are luminescent beads, which are sometimes used on branchlines just above the hook. The theory is that the beads, being luminescent, will help to attract fish to the baited hook, much the same as a lightstick does. Some fishermen claim that glow beads attract some bycatch species, such as snake mackerel. In any event, they are not widely used.

Source: … LL/HLL.pdf

If they are so effective as you claim, why are they not widely used by commercial long liners?, or are you claiming the Secretariat of the Pacific Community is spreading misinformed information in their report?

I am keen to read any non anecdotal evidence. Peered reviewed studies would be preferred but I would accepted non peered reviewed studies if they have a robust and fair methodology. Does using Lumo reduce the chance of catching fish while Surfcasting, I have not noticed it, does Lumo increase the chance of catching fish I have not noticed it.


Rockfisher, most of the substances you listed are UV based not Lumo. They are two different concepts. Lumo typically glows a bright green which gives of light predominately near the middle of the visible colour Spectrum. Ultra Violet light is off the end of the visible spectrum’. If something is glowing UV we* would not see it glowing, we can not see UV. (Although Black Lights kind-of allows us to see it). Its possible for one substance to contain both Lumo and Ultra violet compounds. These plentiful evidence in support of UV being a attractant, I have let to see anything statistically verified that claims the slight amount of glow produced from Luminous tubes (and beads) is enough to significantly increase the catch rate of fish while Surfcasting.

* A few people claim to be able to see into Ultra Violet, more info here … rachromats.