Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


I would have to say its a shame when some half wit (fishybishy) starts turning things personal, just because they are a retailer of such products. There is alot to be said for observation, can you now for everyone you feel going to read mili’s post give us fishybishy some hard scientific evidence that glow tubing (i mean does it really improve catchrates) really does work or avoid trying to shoot mili down who i must say appears to be a very accomplished and very invested fisherman who spends many more hours on, in or besides water with rod in hand, experience counts for alot. I for one do use lumo not because of some marketing retailer trying to sell me stuff but because i feel it cant hurt to have it on there, and are we talking just about nite fishing or daytime to. Maybe before you start shooting from the hip give some consideration to others observational points of view and leave the personal slagging out of the forums, its shame to see slagging off occur on these forums, we are all intitled to views unless they can be proven wrong by science they are as good as true as the next persons. Go ahead have a personal rant at me too i know you will.