Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


I was planning to head over to the Grey District for the long weekend but the forecast was not the best, so a last minute change of plans saw me head to the Sounds. The fishing begun slowly, with only a mullet and spottie being caught before dusk. There was a lot of action around sunset, but nothing hooked.

The night darken, and hundreds of moths took to the air. Around 9 oclock, I was busy playing a game on my phone (bored) when I heard a whizzing sound. Turned my light on to see one of the rods bent over and losing line. The fish put up a decent fight, including a mighty jump before being played into the Shallows. A nice fat mature spotty was landed

Just had time to rebait, seat down, and restart my game when my other rod bent over and my second snapper of the season quickly followed. This one was much smaller, a good eating size but it was released. After a few more minutes, my reel start screaming off line, what followed was probably my longest Snapper fight ever, complete with a jump and multiple runs. Then a large Snapper in excellent condition was landed.


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I was unable to get any good size comparison, but here is one with the Snapper and my Penn Slammer in the same frame… bare in mind the reel is closer to the camera so appears larger. Sorry about the crap quality photo’s, my Motorola Defy takes terrible photos during the day and even worst ones at night. So not a bad result for my second Snapper trip of the spring. Would of stayed on the rocks longer, but it had started to rain, more a wet drizzle…. All fishing was down over the outgoing tide.