Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Lumo- interesting subject,

If it was no good why did the commercial long liners and deep water fisherman use to use GLOW BAIT one of the best products in the market.
Why is the top end made Jigs, Poppers and Stick Baits made with A UV Blast product( glows blue in the dark)
It has been proven by the powers to be the safety mechanism of plankton is UV blue (glows in the dark)
Proven Broad Bill are catch with Squid and lumo products art night.
Catching Pillies off a wharf at night – lumo flies.
Lumo products are the most effect way of catching fish at night,

Alot of bait fish eyes glow at night as does snapper,rig,moki just look at the colours of the fish you catch at night- I think this is a no brainer, either that or do we tell the guys like Chad (and me) we talking crap I dont think so.

I dont really care what is said regarding this as nearly every one I know in the fishing game uses some form of Lumo products, but then again could be clever marketing world wide ….. :wink: