Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Too add to Miliwolfs post, Yes the weather was awful, fished the beach till the southerly showed up with just doggys and a couple small schoolies around, Only one worth keeping, Then the southerly hit and shit it hit, So after it cleared abit Mili got that moki and it was rather quiet but Enjoyable anyway,

Decided to go to slee about 10pm Only to be woken at about 1045 by a Police man, He asked what were i doing?, to this i answered taking a Break and nap from the fishing, i asked if that was allowed he said yes, Then he asked If the car i were in was mine, then asked for my licence, Even though i was not driving, He also asked if i had been in trouble with the police before, Im not too sure what he was on about but he then gave me back my licence and told me to have a good night, I guess just seeing a car parked there may have looked like it was dumped or something, but then again there were alot of people sitting around smoking pot in cars yesterday,

Anyways Woke this morning too see the rain had stopped so after getting a feed i went to railway while the sun rose, Only to get another dogfish, quickly followed by a red cod, and a small schoolie, then the dogs were back so i changed to a mussel prawn combo, after about 2 hours of not much my rod started to go mental, picked it up to find a very nice moki attached, delt to that and went back to fishing, an hour or two passed and yet again i found myself attached to a nice moki, delt to that re cast and seconds later, found myself attached to a just undersize moki, so released that re bait recast to with in amin find myself hooked into a red cod, few hours passed then only one more cod before i decided to pack up and head home to chch , Max speed from kaikoura to the conway turnoff i would say was 70 very very slow drivers and lines of about 50 cars, so i used all the straights and passing lanes to my advantage to then have next to no one in front of me till Amberley, Now i find myself here, In a slight Miliwolf post,

In all Not too bad of a weekend, the weather was nice today at least, Shame about the fish numbers, It aint what it used to be