Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished Kaikoura yesterday, I arrived just in time to meet the howling southerly, there was a good chop on Limestone Bay. I caught up with Ginga here and we waited out the worst of the wind in our cars. After a short wait the wind died down and the rain stopped and we started fishing the wharf. Mullet quickly found the berely trail and Ginga was having fun catching them, around 4 o-clock a decent size something grabbed my mussel bait and a short while later I landed a decent size Moki. That was the highlight of the days fishing. A bit later a young shag turned up and started hunting around the wharf, it scared all of the mullet away. Thought about chasing it away but was entertaining to watch him diving about.

After dark the drizzle returned, which turned into rain. A few small fish were caught but nothing noteworthy. The rain lessened around 9pm, but I have had enough so decided to go home. .