Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


The weather was looking a bit suspect as I left home this afternoon, thick clouds over much of the Richmond Range and Sounds. This threaten rain, but it also promises warmer temperatures after dark. With no rain in the forecast I took the gamble and arrived at my fishing spot around 5pm. Apart from a little bit of dirty water around the rocks the water was clean despite the recent rains. Low tide was at 7:30pm so it was quite a deep wade out to the point and a chilly breeze was blowing but a few layers made fishing quite pleasant.

The first Pannie was landed after about half an hour of fishing, that was followed by seven more throughout the evening. As it grew dark, the wind died away and I quickly had to remove layers because it was hot. A very pleasant evening to be out on the rocks. On the last bait of the night I hooked something which did not feel like a Snapper and I landed a small shark, I assumed Doggie at first but I quickly realized it was a baby Tope. The first I have caught in the inner sounds. Was back in the car and heading home by 9:30