Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


you can get to the north bank if you turn off at maungamanu and drive down as far as you can, its then a bit off a walk, might be able to get a bit further in a 4wd but wasn’t going to risk it in 2wd. Haven’t fished it myself has been dirty every time I’ve been down that way. Have a mate who has done well spinning and fly fishing for kahawai down there.

Were you using bait for the kahawai or spinning fish for pot? often worth flicking out a spinner if you start to catch them on bait at this time of year.

Took my Dad out to the beach on the waikawa side of Karaka point last night for an early night fish. Started off looking promising, bit of moon on the water and around 17 degrees. He caught a large carpet shark (almost 3 foot) then had a good hit from a ray, started getting pannie bites then the moon clouded over. Bites stopped and baits were stripped clean by lice within 10 minutes. put out 1 pillie and had it come back completely stripped of flesh complete skeleton came back so we buggered off. Dad was pretty stoked, first fish he’s caught in ages.