Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Took a newer member over the tip of Banks Peninsula last Saturday , between us we caught close to 30 blue cod .. we took about 18 … dropped a feed to the cocky , and another to the cocky who gives us access thru his land at Bayleys Beach ….and a feed each …..well one of us took 3 feeds , but I wont point fingers lol …

Today he returned the favour and took me up to Kaikoura , to a spot I fish along the beach north of there ….. Id be guessing the final tally , but about 24 doggies , 8 carpet sharks …as well as 5 kahawai and 4 gurnard …. 1 just after lunch interestingly ….

Seems the further out you got a fish bait , the more chance of a carrot …..and steer clear of bonito unless you like dogfish lol …. pillys seemed to be better than anything…

This time of year seemed to fish well for carrots , less kahawai maybe ?