Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished Pier Friday night. Lost what was easily the biggest fish I’ve ever hooked, a ray that looked to be over 100kg. After a few hundred meter runs into the shallows and north along the beach it started swimming back towards the Pier and then underneath where I got onto the 100lb leader and spent 30 mins hanging on trying to get it out but the weight, size and power of it made hard work getting it to the beach. Arms were giving up and rod was scratching on the Pier nothing much I could do so got someone else to hold the rod while I tried to grab the leader but couldn’t hold on and it went right under and out the other side before snapping the mainline.

Then went over to Diamond Harbour wharf with a mate hoping for some rig but no luck. Lots of lice and nothing on the big baits. Managed some mullet and small warehou, terakihi etc. Saw barracouta chasing fish and jumping under the light.

Fished Pier again Saturday but no luck with the rig, mate had a few runs but didn’t hook up. The rig seem to be getting a bit few and far between now.