Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Explored a new spot this weekend, Clova bay to be exact. About a two and a half hour drive from Blenheim.

The Bay itself is quite boring, mainly shallow beaches, they would produce Snapper but I can not imagine them being hot, mussel farms close to shore. Towards the edges of the bay there was same nice looking points, that is where I headed.

So I eventually found myself on a 4wd drive track, and then a grass track down the side of the hill. Was quite a distance to walk from where I left the car, around 1.3km to be exact. Could of driven a little further to a nice campground but its a steep track and I did not feel confident enough to drive back up it.

The track down to the point is of a high standard, a most impressive job by whoever did it. At the point there is permanent rod holders, but more importantly a nice deep drop off (Its on a cliff so I got sore toes after a while). I really like the spot. Has kingfish potential! Not worth the effort just for Snapper.

Fishing was quite slow, only a few Blueys during the day, a few strong runs and drops then I caught a Barry… and the strikes stopped. Rain was threating towards dusk, but the Snapper had just turned up. Landed a small pannie, then a bigger pannie and it was raining. Took around 35 minutes to get back to the car in the dark. I was more then a little wet.

On the way back out, had a nice fat hind in the headlights for several hundred meters. Tried to take a photo but she managed to slip away. She was most embarrassed. The night was still young, and the rain was ending (Dunno wither I should be pleased or angry about that) Under a starry sky I drove to the wharf in Clova Bay. Access is easy, but its not a good looking spot and I caught nothing apart from sea lice. Back to the campground and bed shortly after midnight.

Woke up around 8am, the campground is a cold miserable place in the morning. Was to lazy to go for a fish, or even a Kayak. So drove back to the Kenepuru and tried a spot I discovered the day before. From memory its between Waitaria and Ohauparuparu Bay. Soon had a few garfish in the burly trail, which were joined by a few mullet. Around lunch I landed a Pannie and got a few more interesting looking strikes but I was out of bait (thrown most of it in for burley ) . Nice enough spot, but there are better spots closer to town.