Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


went over to mokihinui for waitangi weekend arrived at the camping groundat 10.30am on saturday morning got my caravan sent up and the fishing rods checked all ready for saturday evening fish as high tide was 9.30pm..At 2.30 i went down to mussel rocks and got a good feed of mussel of the rocks there,while i was there i got approx 20 crabs by feeling under the sand by some rocks with my hands,got nipped a few times and even had some blood showing (och). At 5.30 i headed over to gentle annie a good deep beach to surfcast off, i fished with two rods and the first hr was non stop,both rods getting hook ups and bites, i was running from one rod to the other then it went quite, i only landed 1 snapper and a xl ky in that hr, my mate cliff from westport arrived and started fishing next to me,about 8pm it was all on again lots of hook ups and lost fish, i got 1 more snapper and a few ky (released) and cliff got 2 snapper and an elephant fish the elephant are rare of the beach there…On sunday morning i was back there on daylight and the first hr i got 1 snapper then all of a sudden the next two hrs was all go with both rods catching snapper at the same time, i caught 10 snapper and release about 8 ky the snapper were only pannie size the biggest was 2lbs , sunday i fished the morning for a few hrs and got 1 snapper 3ky (released) and then packed up and headed back to chch… the sea was very clam and clean and the weather was cloudy but warm and no wind for the 3 days a great weekend of fishing i had……………….. If you people get the Fishing Paper theres a write up about mokihinui fishing comp that they have every xmas on page 14, my wifes the one that got her photo in there winning the snapper section of the comp …. man has she given me heaps about that lol