Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished Coopers Lagoon beach last night full moon and all, till about 10.30pm, One Dogfish ! and that was it, a guy just along the beach got something that went back in just on dusk.

Twas a nice night when the wind dropped, very supprised that we havent had a good night on the Rig yet, we have fished way more than we have in passed years, with 3 rig between two of us in the bag.

Chances of getting a few in the freezer for winter is looking slim, getting a bit brassed off with it now.

Bit of amish trying to buy crabs this year so have been relying on prawn which is the past has been good bait, with the eleys taking them too it seemd quite versitile, so for the remainder of the season I think I will stick with crab if I can get me mits on some, no time to go catch my own. if any of you have spare that you would sell, I would buy $20 to $30 worth, fresh or freshly frozen dropped to my work on Mooorhouse Ave or I would collect from a city or western chch address.

I guess I will have to keep on trying,….mmm maybe I need to sacrfice a small goat or something on the beach to appease the fish gods:)

Good to see some of you are having better results, Cheers Hipp