Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Spent the long weekend in South Westland, mainly around Haast. But went surf-casting at Bruce Bay both on the way there and home.

On Thursday night the sea was quite rough, and my baits were being stolen in minutes before it got dark. After dark I caught and landed a few small sharks.

Last Night, fished there again with Booger. The sea was calmer, but the swell was a bit large at times. Fishing was slow, when I noticed one of my lines were slack. So started reeling in what I assumed was a small shark, on inspection I had caught a nice Sea Run trout. Thats a first for me on the surf caster. Fishing was slow, with nothing touching the crab baits nor the stuff Booger was using. As it grew dark a few small sharks, then around 11pm had about a 10 minute battle with a large School Shark, managed to beach it twice but the gentle sloping beach and powerful surges made it difficult to retrieve. On the second landing it bit through my 80lb trace. A big Kahawai followed and we packed up at mid-night.

Booger caught a small shark also. Everything was caught on fresh-ish kahawai, all other baits were untouched.

The other days, I spent Kayak fishing. On Friday found a large school of Kahawai in Jackson bay and had fun catching them for a few minutes. Probably a hookup every second cast and they were big. After a while changed to a different site further up the coast where conditions were a bit bumping. Caught a turkey and a wrasse but returned to the beach once I lost my anchor. Saturday returned to the spot further up the beach, got onto a productive Cod and Turkey spot and caught then released a pile. Then went for a very long paddle out into the ocean trolling for Tuna, but only found dolphins. Returned to shore, and fished the Cod spot again, caught a pile but only kept 5 which gave me 2.3kg of fillets which would last me a while. Sunday was a lazy day spent trout fishing, and paddling upto a lake. Caught nothing, saw more fishermen then fish.