Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


There was enough very large KY caught at the Diversion tonight to keep things interesting. Very pleasant evening, with maybe a dozen people spin fishing and three fly fishing.

Initially one KY was being landed every half hour or so. With the occasional small one every now and then. I had little luck on the fly, so eventually did the sensible thing and got my spin rod out for the last half hour or so of fishing. Was probably the hottest bite of the evening and I landed two very large KY before things cooled down. Forgotten how much fun it is to catch large Kahawai on a ultralight weight spin rod.

From what I saw around a dozen very large Kahawai were caught, all on spinners. One fly fishermen did get a few small and a medium one but they were certainly favoring metal tonight.

Weigh him this morning, only went 2.1kg gutted and gilled (ripped guts out via mouth)