Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished just East of the Willow tree at Bayleys last night , I assume that’s what some of you’s call the spot ….some bloke was just down from us , didnt see him catch anything but wasnt watching a lot of the time …

We caught 6 rig , 6 schoolies …..from 8-10
Rig were all male and in super scrappy mode ….schoolies were mostly small , 1 keepable size …sea was dirty , and I suspect the sealice fired into action after dark …..around 9-9.30 the wind swung from a nice warm nor west to the south , then dropped back to nor west for a few minutes before really stoking up sou easterly

No sign of the ele’s …..oddish thing , 3 rig on paua …..did have crab on the other hook tho