Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


went over to mokihinui (buller) for there fishing comp which is a 10 day event,we arrived boxing day,the day it stared, we set up our caravan at the motor camp and then went for a fish,the day was blue sky and hot sea was flat high tide was about 11am we went at 2pm the fishing was slow the wife got 2 small greyboys i got one,the next day was much the same got there about 7am and fished to 4pm long hot day we got 4 greyboys, next day fish late morning to about 2hrs after high approx 2pm. nextday day 4off comp fished late morining to 2pm then we fished the low tide at night and the wife got a rig and a snapper me nothing, didnt fish the next three days as rain and rough seas had well deserved beers went fishing all the next days with bugger all caught, comp finish on the 4th jan at midday and then we had prize giving and a good bbq the wife did very well she won $50 for a carpet shark heaviest fish day 2… $50 for rig heaviest fish day 4….$100 for snapper heaviest day 4…..and she won the overall snapper comp and won $300 for that so she came home will $500 for the comp………me i got a chocolate fish for helping a fellow fisherman who got knock over by a wave,,that was the biggest thing that i pull out of the sea; had to leave caravan over there as had car problems lost 1st and 2nd gear , have fixed gearbox and will head over there to pick it up as all my rods etc are in it .. feel naked that i dont have my rods in the shed and cant go fishing.Wife also won Trophy,,,for Ladies Heaviest fish,,,and no she is not the only female inthe comp,,,,lol