Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Fished the Pier again last night. Managed more small rig and schoolies, biggest 5kg. Saw 3 eles caught. Hooked another ray, first one I’ve ever hooked that jumped out of the water other than the eagle ray I got at lyttelton. Didn’t see to much of it but it decided to bury itself on the bottom right in front of the Pier, I got impatient and walked backwards and snapped the line. Never seen this many rays around in January at the Pier, not sure what that could mean, a few years back there was 2 weeks in March that they were around everywhere, we called it the “annual running of the stingrays” lol, I assumed it was when all the rays from around taylors, lyttelton, southshore etc were heading back north or out to see for winter.