Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Tired eyes thismorning…..fished Cooper laggon area last night, I got waht Paddy Shot at but my cobbers got a medium Rig each on Prawn and about 3 doggies two of which were the smallest doggies in the world…dont know how they managed to hook themselves on such big hooks. One rod slammed to the ground early evning, we will never know what that was, the first Rig was just on dark and the other about 11pm as we were about to pull the pin, stayed bit later to see if I could shake the bad JUJU, but alsa the fish god are not pleased with me still….lol, Cheers, Hipp….duely noted was we used to do better when we fished an out going to low tideish, full moon and at night., like last night….something in it, we will see:)