Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Back from the Kaikoura Contest, the contest was fairly busy and fishing started quite easy and I landed a few Skate. Weather was okay, a little drizzle and after lunch a weak southerly cooled things down. It starting to rain around 3:00pm which was when the competition ended.

My biggest Skate got me 6th or 7th prize while another which I kept got me around 12th. Released the others which were of comparable size to the which got 12th overall. There was a lot of Skate landed, along with small doggies and a few Gurnard and Rig. I think the winning fish was a School Shark but nothing big was landed.

Quite a sad sight seeing the large pile of Skate and Doggies going to waste after the contest. Got the wings of one in my fridge, disgusting slimy thing it is….

Wharf fishing the previous night was slow. Got a KY in the morning before the contest.