Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Bayleys last night , 5 rods a half mile down the beach from us appeared to catch jack squat …..we got a couple of doggies …an almost keepable schoolie and a smaller one …
About 9.30pm we landed a nice cow ele …..the only fish worth keeping argh ……..
We had the best of baits , and worked bloody hard till 11pm for our pittyful haul

Doubt it’s the EQ’s , but who knows ….

oldgreyboy – the best rig fishing I every had was middle of the day , sun beaming down , sea flat as a pancake and purple/blue clean …..catch and releasing them as fast as we could cast and rebait ….just a crab claw on a hook was all that ya needed for bait …. that was at Pendarves ….Mainwarings you may know it as ?