Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


I never fished Oyster Bay from the shore, once or twice from the yak can not remember catching much but it always been middle of the day, and when yak fishing i typically head towards separation point. Fished Ocean point a few times, first couple of times were rather tragic, did not really know what I was doing and was using old or cheap gear which failed, fished it once last year hoping to burley in Kahawai, did get a few. Fished it a couple of times from the Yak while on route to further away spots and only caught KY and doggies from memory. Ocean point probably deserves a evening/night fish. Speared quite a few butters around Ocean Point and the outer parts of Robinhood, quite a few Moki out there also. But that was before spearfishing become very popular and now both places get a thrashing.