Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


I could conjour up some essence of sharks fin soup frm a wee island off the left of scotland Hardy????
..after looking over and chatting to the blokes with the highly modified twin motored radio control boat(silicon sealer everywhere).I informed them it aint gonna happen today-:)”Oh we have been successful on days with bigger waves”they said..protecting their egos…OK OK when I was a lot younger and had put much time and effort into designing a kontiki I would have braved all seas and tempratures just to get the thing fact many a time I made kontikis set, the sail without the barley sugar stood on the beach and saluted it heading for the horizon..Nah! I never tied anything onto them..stuff pulling them back in..somewhere out there in the big blue is a wee island with an alter,that the inhabitants worship…. dedicated to the mysterious arrivals of lonely unattached kontiki-
(theres a cartoon in that!)
-yup 100 points to them for their efforts!..and may man forever keep thinking of cheaper ways than the dreaded TORPEDO!

..and remember this is a family site! :grin: :grin: :grin:
Hey Baitman try using CRAB!!!!and live up to your nikname!