Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Reminds me of the time I came over. And actually wandered out on the beach, before the wind became so strong it blew me over. There was this guy trying to set a Kite Rig. One rod for the kite, one for his long line. Man was he having trouble. I didn’t want to interfere. So just sat and watched. In the end he finally got everything back on the beach. So I wandered over for a yarn. A South African and hell man I am after sharks, he tells me. Frig I said, are you from Cape Town. And yep he was. I said try a prawn and catch a rig. Sharks without teeth. I will be back he said. Dammmm Man I like this beach, reminds me of home. Yep I said, Thresher sharks everywhere, me mate got one the other day. Damm he said. I love dried shark, I said what about their tails, he said no mannnn its the fins I need. The Mrs reckons they do the trick

Now ya got Taiwanese with those little radio controlled boats, trying to beat the dumper wave. Smallest Kontiki I have ever seen. But hey they get a 100 points for trying. But alas no sharks fins for them either.

Do you do shark fin soup Birdlings, I reckon I need some to.

Cheers Hardy aka Trev