Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


This is a story of great feats and derring do.I went to Ashworths for tuatuas and crab for bait.Good chanels were there but a meaty swell was running.With wetsuit on and a pair of socks to stop the nippers I waded out and started harvesting.Then I stood on a big shellfish and reached down and grabbed it.The shellfish then grabbed my hand and when I lifted it up a giant, no ginormous crab had a hold of my hand.It was a milisecond later that I screamed like a girl and uttered F and C repeatedly.I flung it so hard it gashed my hand ( I bled for you today Ian).It landed 100m away by my car hissing all the way.I carried on.All was good apart from hand wound, till a large blob of seaweed snuck up from behind and wrapped around my legs.You know the drill more screaming and cussing.So then I just worked the crabpot from the safety of the shore and in two sets nearly filled the bucket to go with the filled grundys.Who ever said gathering bait is boring and no fun.