Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Warm humid night so decided to go for a surf fish, low on crabs so went to my crab spot to restock.

One rod baited with mussel the other with half a paddle crab I found in the freezer. Threw pot out hoping to catch more, I cleverly left my rod stands at , first time I done that. Luckily my Kilwell has a spike on the bottom so I pushed it into the sand and made a support out of drift wood for my other rod. Fishing was slow, checked pot to discover my bait had washed out and I had nothing to replace it with :sad:

Evening something took my mussel rod and I soon had a decent size Moki of around 5lb on the beach, always thought that spot had Moki potential but never caught any there before. Birdlings success got me motivated to try again. A while later my crab rod bent over and pulled out of my drift wood stand, I saved it with time to spare and landed a normal size Rig. Headed for home just before 10.